Weekend Recap- Easter

April 4, 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours over here was pretty great! The weather in Cincinnati turned our better than I thought it was going to be. It was still a little cold for Mr. Parker, but you better believe I got all the ‘must’ pictures for his first Easter.

It all started on Friday! CJ was able to work from home and it was so nice for him to be there. We were able to do lunch with all 3 of us and actually sat at our kitchen table. Later that night we decided to have a ‘tv free’ night and it was absolutely perfect! We had some beers, played Sequence, and just got to talk. Talking/kid/tv/phone free doesn’t happen very often which really is a shame. (I will be sharing soon all about my intentions to change this.)

On Saturday morning CJ, Parker, and myself ventured over to my aunt’s house. My cousin Jen, her husband, and their two kids were all in town from Cleveland for Easter. Jen invited us over to my aunt’s house so we could spend some time together before all the craziness of the Easter celebration the next day.

Jen and I actually have babies 2 weeks apart! It was so fun to find out after we announced that she was expecting also. The babies were supposed to be 4 weeks apart but, Parker wanted to stay in there a week longer, and Abby wanted to come out 2 weeks early.

This was the second time the babies had been together, the first was Christmas. It was so much fun to see how much they had already changed in 3 months.


After catching up and exchanging stories, as well as Parker having a blowout and no nap, it was off to my parent’s house! My mom and dad were hosting Easter the next day and we had somethings to drop off. It was a quick trip since P had fallen asleep for a much-needed nap and we still had more things to do.

That afternoon we ventured to Reading, Ohio for the annual Rock on Lilee Walk and Easter Egg Hunt. CJ’s cousin is the founder and the one who runs everything. The walk is dedicated to her daughter who died in 2004. All the proceeds raised at the walk go to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital NICU department.

I was so excited to bring Parker for the first time to support such a great cause. This was also the first time meeting the Easter Bunny, going down the slide, and Easter egg hunt! It was a great event as always! 🙂


Easter Sunday finally arrived and brought another packed and fun day. It began with making Daily Dose of  Pepper’s Biscuit ‘N Gravy Bake. We ended up making two batches since there was going to be about 25 people at Easter Brunch. One was made with turkey sausage and 100% egg white egg beaters, while the other was made with pork sausage and regular egg beaters. Both of the dishes were a hit, and have already been requested for next year!!

We had our annual Easter Egg Hunt with my mom’s family which becomes more fun every year. The older cousins were helping out the younger and it was the cutest thing! Abby and Parker didn’t win participation this year, but don’t worry they already planned out their approach for next!


Afterward we headed over to my in-laws for a big family dinner! Everyone, but 3 of the dogs, was all in attendance.


She was so excited to hold her ‘Baby Parker.’


The smallest two of the family!

What a spectacular weekend we had! I wish we could relive it over again!

Hope everyone’s Easter was just as memorable as ours!



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