A is for Airplanes and Anderson Ferry

July 25, 2022

We started our ‘ABC’s of Cincinnati and Beyond,’ at the beginning with the letter A. Cincinnati and surrounding areas have so many options for this letter. I wanted to do something simple to start out since I was still getting my confidence going out with both kids.

Viewing Area at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

Our first stop for the letter A was the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport viewing area park. I have been wanting to come here since Parker was little. The Cincinnati airport is actually located in Northern Kentucky, yes I know it’s confusing. This viewing area is off Donaldson Road, east of the airport, with a great view of the runways. The park is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. While we were there it was pretty empty, with a couple of other kids playing.

Parker, Hadley, and I got there around noon that day. We saw about 5 or 6 planes take off and land that day. The day was overcast and had rained earlier in the morning. Hadley and Parker really enjoyed playing on the playground they had set up. It was very cute with small airplanes that they could ride like they were actually flying. We all pretended they were a real airplanes and ready for takeoff.

In a couple of weeks, we will be heading to New York to visit family. It will be Hadley’s first flight, and the first one Parker will actually remember. This was a great way to introduce them to the airport and show them where we will take off and land.

Anderson Ferry

Our next stop for the letter ‘A’ was Anderson Ferry. It was a quick 5-minute drive from the park to the ferry. The ferry has been around for almost 200 years running back and forth from Kentucky to Ohio. It runs 6 a.m.- 9:30 p.m. Monday- Friday, 7:00 am – 9:30 pm Saturday, and 9:00 am – 9:30 pm on Sunday. It’s an easy and quick way when trying to avoid the highway.

This was our second time on the ferry. I let the kids get out of their car seats so they were able to move around and see their surroundings. We had some time to wait before getting on the ferry. Then on the other side, there was a place to turn off and put them back into their seats before we took off. Crossing the Ohio River on the ferry only took about 10 minutes or less. Parker and Hadley loved putting their heads out the window to watch the world pass by.

Lunch at Frisch’s Big Boy

At this point of the day, we were starving! If you have toddlers you know they can be picky eaters. One restaurants I can always count on them having something they’ll eat is Frisch’s Big Boy. They love their kid’s meal pancakes with sausage links. I like to order a crowd favorite Big Boy with french fries, and extra tartar sauce.

The one we went to was located off Gest St close to downtown. It was only a 13-minute drive from where you get off the Anderson Ferry in Ohio. The perfect ending to our letter ‘A’ day to kick off our ABC’s of Cincinnati and Beyond!

Come back and see where we go next for the letter ‘B.’



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