ABC’s of Cincinnati and Beyond

July 7, 2022

Parker is almost 5 and Hadley is 3. This is the first summer I get to actually spend with both of them and make the most of it. Thanks Covid-19 and cancer the past two summers. 

I was nervous going into the summer of 2022 with two kids to take care of. As I mentioned, this is the first time in a while that it’s just me taking care of them during the summer. How was I going to entertain them? Am I confident enough to take them on outings by myself? Unfortunately, I had lost all the confidence I had gained prior.

One day I was watching a TikTok when someone mentioned they were going to do the alphabet of summer. She had a small child and didn’t want to just take them to Target every week to kill time. Her plan was to pick a letter each week and base where she went on the letter. 

My mind and imagination went wild! I loved this idea. There are so many unique places around Cincinnati and beyond that, I could do this! 

In the beginning, I tried to dedicate a week to each letter but that proved difficult for me. I have seen plenty of other people do this, but it didn’t work for me this summer. Also thinking about 26 things to do, will probably take us longer than the summer in our adventuring. I also decided not just to do Cincinnati, which is our hometown. We are within a short drive to Dayton, Columbus, Kentucky, Indiana, and we have a trip planned to New York. Hence why I decided to call this project, “ABC’s of Cincinnati and Beyond.”

It has already been such a helpful motivator to get my kids out of the house and plan some fun adventures. We have already completed some letters which have included new to us places, and some favorites from the past!

Below is our list, so I hope you follow along!

AAnderson Ferry and Cincinnati/Kentucky Airport viewing area.

B– Butterflies at Krohn Conservatory and Blooms and Berries for Strawberry Picking

C– Craft Lab for Splatter Painting in Milford OH

D– Dig N Play


F– Fair in Hamilton County

G– Graeter’s ice cream

H– Highfield Discovery Center



K– King’s Island

L– Land of Make-Believe park at Lunken Airport

M– Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

N– New York

O– Ohio River




S– Summit Park in Blue Ash, OH


U– United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH


W– Woodland Mound and West Fork Park



Z– Zoo

The number one thing I have loved about this little project I am doing is you get to be creative and explore right where you live! Anybody can do this in their own hometown with any budget. Lots of the places we have visited already or plan to are free. Also, if you are on a budget do things around your house that go along with the letter you need!

Follow along for all our adventures!



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