A No Drinking Pact

September 28, 2021

While I was thinking about the goals and habits for 2021, one kept coming up. I have been contemplating this for a while, and finally, feel like this is the best time. I have decided to give up alcohol for the rest of 2021. I mentioned it briefly here, but I decided this needed its own post.

Lately drinking for me has been to cope in social situations and bury the trauma I experienced the past year due to cancer. Turning to alcohol isn’t a great way to cope and usually makes things worse in the long run. Plus as I get older it takes a lot less to wake up with a hangover. I’m tired of not being the best wife/mom to my family.

My friend and I have talked about our feelings towards alcohol for the past month. We went three weeks without drinking and discussed how wonderful we felt not waking up hungover, getting better sleep, and being more productive in our lives. This past weekend I failed in our pact to one another due to my anxiety, but it’s okay. I can start over the next day and become a better version of myself.

After I slipped up this weekend, I decided I wanted to be done with the ups and downs and being disappointed in myself. I spoke to the same friend and we made another pact, no drinking the rest of the year.

This pact will probably be difficult because a lot of society revolves around drinking. I know this is the best decision I can make for myself and my family. I will be more clear-headed, hopefully more energetic, and the biggest not hide from my trauma.

If you have ever thought about doing this, I highly recommend you challenge yourself. We can do it together friend! Follow along to see if I can do it!



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