Meeting the Big Man in Red

December 17, 2019

I have always seen those wonderfully hilarious pictures of kids meeting Santa Claus. I wondered if I would have any of my own when we had Parker. My goodness, I didn’t know what I was walking into.

First, let’s start with last year. We met Santa three times, and only one went semi-decent. Parker wasn’t sure who this man in red with the white beard was at all. He was very skeptical and wanted to make sure you were aware of it. Here he is at Bass Pro Shop just wanting to dash off his lap. I highly recommend taking your kid here if you aren’t sure how they are going to react. They have a whole ‘Santaland’ with activities, toys, and transformed into a winter wonderland. In addition you get a FREE 4×6 studio-quality photo with Santa to take home.

Little did I know it wasn’t just Santa he was unsure about. Our local library hosted a Christmas party where you could decorate a gingerbread house, meet Mrs. Claus, and watch the local ballerinas perform. He wouldn’t for the life of him sit down next to her. So I did what any good mama would do, got in the picture as well!

Our third and final Santa meeting last year we did with our cousins. Apparently meeting the big guy with your older cousins is the trick. He was unsure at the very beginning but calmed down pretty easily. Parker almost looks like he was about to smile in this picture! You better believe we bought multiple copies and handed them out to family members. It’s still on my fridge to this day.

Since our last meeting with Santa went pretty well, I thought we would be fine this year! I was wrong… We stopped by while at Entertrainment Junction and he was terrified! Parker wanted nothing to do with Santa, clung to CJ, and was trying to leave the room. Meanwhile, Little Miss Hadley just sat on Santa’s lap and was confused. She didn’t cry one bit and sat content just staring up at him.

This will probably be it for this year unless we find a time to go with cousins again. One day Parker will like Santa and be begging to go see him. That time is not now, and that is okay. It just means we don’t have to wait in super long lines where he will be impatient the entire time. Maybe next time will be the charm!

Tell me in the comments about how your kids did meeting Santa!



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