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December 15, 2019

Fun fact about CJ and I, we are highly competitive. I love to win, and he loves when he beats me. With that being said we love having a game night. These days it’s hard to have a big one with friends since the kids are at a tough age to be babysat. We have resorted to searching out fun two-player games. Thank goodness we have other friends who love this also and have given us some suggestions.

I want to pass along my knowledge to you. The games I have listed are a great variety and hopefully, you will be able to find one that is right for you. A quick simple game is a perfect in-home date night with the television off, talking, and laughing! Some of the games mentioned below we have just played for the first time recently.

Deck of Cards

This is a staple that everyone should have in their house! A deck of cards can be so versatile. There are a ton of two-player games. We like War, Rummy, and Golf. My friend Lindsey introduced us to Golf and we highly recommend it. It’s so much fun to play and is quick to learn. There are also many different ways to play, so find what works for you!


This is our favorite game and one most played! One game takes about 30 minutes to play. It’s a game about strategy and trying to get 5 spaces in a row. You are dealt 7 cards, to begin with and has two corresponding spaces on the board for each card. Jacks have a special purpose, remember to get another card before your opponent puts their card down, and corners are free.


The last game night was the first time I have ever played this game and it was fun. This was another game about strategy. It has many rules and lots of things to keep track of. I had no idea what I was doing, and probably the reason I lost. This game reminded me of ‘capture the flag’ probably because there was a flag and you didn’t want your opponent to get it. I will definitely play this game again and have a better understanding of the strategy.

The Game of Life

This was actually the first board game CJ and I ever played together. Thinking back on it makes me laugh since this was early on in our dating life, and here we are! This is one of those games that takes a little longer, so be prepared with snacks, beverages, and time. It’s a fun and less stressful way to live life!


We have had this game since we got it as a wedding present! We broke it on our last game night. I was nervous about playing because I am horrible at Scrabble. Although this is a bit different, and more competitive which was up my alley. You each get 21 tiles to start (when playing with two players) and you have to make your own crossword. Once used, either person has to yell ‘Peel’ then you grab another one. This goes on and on till all tiles have been picked.

I actually won and was proud of myself!


CJ got this game at Target last year for my birthday. Kingdomino is dominos with a twist and only takes 15 minutes to play. Players take turns placing down tiles that are divided into two sides, each containing one of six possible types. The object of the game is to create a Kingdom by grouping the types together within a 5X5 grid where one piece is your castle. The larger the grouping, the more potential points you can earn.

Avocado Smash!

I found this at Walgreens when I went to pick up our Christmas cards. I had no idea what I was buying, but it said two-players. This game ended up being so much fun and full of so many laughs. It reminded me about ‘slap jacks’ except you didn’t want all the cards. Also, how many times have you said the word ‘avocado’ in your life? This game will double it in about 10/15 minutes. You will second guess if you are even saying the word right halfway through the game.


This game really brings out our competitive nature. We have the option of being nice to the other person or going all out to win. This game is the grownup version of Sorry! by taking the gameplay up a notch and is great to play with adults, but can also still be kid-friendly if you wanted.

Llama Line-Up

I couldn’t pass up a game that has llamas on it, have you met me? It was a quick, fast-paced game that only took 10 minutes. The game consists of three dice, red grabbers, llamas with different colors/scarfs/and patterns. Once the diced are rolls you have to be speedy to find the llama matching the dice.

Collector’s Family 10 Game Center

This is filled with 10 different games to play which is awesome! It has Chess, Mancala, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Pass Out, Backgammon, Solitaire, Tic Tac Toe, Cribbage, and Roll-Em. Last time we took it out we played ‘Pass Out’ where you roll dice to get each combination roll. It’s a total game of luck but keeps you on your toes.

The Nintendo Switch

The only electronic game on my list is the ‘Nintendo Switch.’ CJ wanted to get this for so long when it came out, but I didn’t understand. He finally found it in stock and purchased it. We have played it so much, and for sure have gotten our money’s worth. Our favorites to play are Mario Kart Racing, Mario Party, and Mario Tennis. One of the major pluses is you can take it on the go! Perfect for long car rides, airplane rides, and I’m sure in the future with Parker and Hadley.

Game nights at our house can get pretty heated, and have been known to get mad at each other on more than one occasion. But it still makes for an enjoyable night of laughter and smiles that doesn’t involve the television.

Let me know in the comments what you and your special someone do for in-home date nights. Did we miss your favorite game?



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