A girl’s afternoon in Over the Rhine

December 13, 2019

Back in August three of my best friends and I got together for the first time in almost four years, where none of us were pregnant! It was a miracle. Three out of the four of us have two kids each ranging from 7 months to 3 years old. In between husbands, kids, dogs, work, and busy schedules getting together was difficult. We finally found a Sunday morning brunch time that worked for all four of us.

First Stop: Brunch at Nation Kitchen and Bar

We met around 10:00 for brunch at Nation in Pendleton, close to Over the Rhine. It was a beautiful day so we decided to sit outside on their porch. We were one of the first tables since we got there right as it opened. I highly recommend that because the back patio filled up pretty quickly after we arrived. I ordered a mimosa and their “Breakfast Tots,” which were both delicious.

Second Stop: A drink at 3 Points Urban Brewery

As brunch was wrapping up we decided to keep our day going. We looked at our phones to decide what was in the area to check out next. I had been to 3 Points Urban Brewery before, but none of the other girls had. It was right across the street so we popped over there. I love this bar, so many windows for natural light, very urban, and above else delicious beer! They focus on art, experience, and beer, plus bringing the Cincinnati community together! I ordered the ‘UNCLE LARRY’ which is an American Wheat Ale. 

Third Stop: Pins Mechanical Co. Rooftop Bar

Since it was such a beautiful day, we thought we needed to find a rooftop! One of the closest rooftops was at Pins Mechanical Co. right around the corner. I was so excited to go because I have been wanting to check this place out for a while now. Again we got there right when the place was opening up. The rooftop was empty when we got there, so it was a perfect place to talk and catch up even more. We also planned for a girl’s weekend away in March!

Fourth Stop: Duckpin Bowling at Pins Mechanical

Next, we took the elevator down to the main floor to play Duckbin bowing. I absolutely love bowling, so this seemed like so much fun! I was terrible at it! So many gutterballs and missing pins even though I threw like a granny. I ended up in the last place, but only by 4 points so I am calling that a win in my book! An activity is much needed for a girl’s day out. There is something about playing a game and being competitive that really brings out the conversation and the bonding!

Fifth Stop: Tacos at Bakersfield

At this point, it was almost 3:00 and we were hungry again. We stopped into one of our favorite taco places, Bakersfield. They have the most amazing tacos, queso, guacamole, margaritas, and sangria. It also must have been our lucky day, but we got a table right away which is always very hard to do for this restaurant. Karma must have known we needed this day together and made sure every went smoothly!

A quick hour to hour and a half brunch turned into a whole day of fun. I have known these girls for 10 years and we pick up as if nothing has changed in our lives. Over the Rhine was the perfect place for our afternoon out, since it was all in walking distance! No Ubers/Lyfts/cabs were taken, until the end by me, because I was a responsible adult.

Stayed tuned because us girls are taking on brunch afternoon again soon! We will be visiting different places and creating new memories. What is your favorite thing to do with your group of friends? I would love to hear suggestions of things for us to do next time!



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