Donut Grow Up Little Miss

December 12, 2019

Time is moving way too fast recently! Little Miss Hadley is already 7 months old and I cannot believe it. I feel like it was just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, and unsure how we were going to survive with two kids. I am happy to report we have been surviving, and sometimes thriving.

I had heard the second kid always gets the short end of the stick most of the time. They are always receiving hand me downs from their older sibling, and don’t have that one on one time with their parents. This thought made me so sad, so I wanted to make sure Hadley got something of her own that was different from her brother.

The Reason Behind It

It’s so much fun to see kids grow and change in one month’s time. For Parker’s monthly pictures we used Pottery Barn’s Anywhere Chair to document. At first, I thought it would be fun to do the same thing with Hadley, but we didn’t have her chair yet. The more I thought about it, I wanted to do something different, that was special for her.

My Inspiration

When I first was trying to decide what to do I went to Pinterest. I typed in ‘baby monthly photo ideas,’ and went searching. There are a ton of ideas there if you are ever looking. I saw this idea of using pizza, and almost went with it, so funny! During the time when she turned one month, it was ‘national donut day.’ So I thought I would take that idea, and turn it into donuts. Plus I had seen some other accounts do this, and loved it. My inspiration accounts: brittalivengood and alwaysguacward.

New Month, New Donut Place

Since I am extra, I decided to take it a step farther. There are so many great local donut shops in Cincinnati, we are changing where we get the donuts each month! It has been so fun to experience different donut shops around the city. Plus we get to eat them after the pictures are taken! WIN WIN! I also am trying to theme her outfit, bow, and donuts to what is going on in the month. This little girl has to stay on brand!

Donut shops we have used so far: Marcellas, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jungle Jims Bakery, Kroger, Graeters, and Buskin Bakery. Still on our list is Duck Donuts, Servatii, Tweedles Daylight Donuts, Moonrise Donuts, and Holtman’s.

My Dream for her first birthday

I have been thinking about Little Miss Hadley’s first birthday since I decided to do the donut monthly pictures. It is only fitting her party to be a donut theme! I have already picked up plates and napkins while they were on sale at Target. I just have to find where I put them in my house. I have heard that Holtman’s Donuts have birthday cakes so that will be happening. For Parker’s first birthday we made it a brunch theme and time and it worked out perfectly. Can’t wait to do that again for this girl!

What do you do or did you do for your baby’s monthly pictures? Follow along here to see the rest of her first-year pictures.



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