A Zinzinnati Holiday: Krohn Conservatory

December 10, 2019

Today we ventured to one of my favorite Cincinnati locations: Krohn Conservatory. It’s a must-visit, especially during the holiday season. The whole place is turned into a winder wonderland! I had the opportunity to talk to Mark who is the ‘Horticultural Manager’ at the Conservatory. He told me about some fun facts and history, which I would love to share with you!

This tree has been here twice

Right as you walk into Krohn Conservatory you will see this beautiful giant tree right in the lobby! It actually isn’t it’s first time being in this building. It was originally displayed in the showroom 22 years ago among other trees. All the other trees were sold, except this one, because it already looked like it was dying. One of the workers took it home, watered it every day, and talked to it. Now here it is 22 years later, goes to show if you give something enough love, wonderful things will happen!

All handmade ornaments

On the tree, you will see beautiful ornaments were handmade out of a reused products. The ornaments are all made by volunteers who work on them all year long!

Trains around the city

In the main showroom, you can immerse yourself in the holiday show. Trains chugging around picturesque Cincinnati buildings. All of the buildings are constructed out of natural materials. This holiday tradition has been around since 1986.

How many poinsettias were used?

300 were used to make this tree! Also, here is a throwback from last year. Parker looks so little, and I was pregnant with Hadley. So much has changed in one year!

Kid’s Fun

If you are like Parker then when exploring, sometimes, you need a break. Krohn offers a small area that is full of books, toys, and coloring. Every Saturday and Sunday during the month of December they are hosting a series of holiday fun craft inspired by their Zinzinnati theme! It’s from 10-3 pm.

Live Nativity Scene

Make sure to step outside before or after visiting inside. A live nativity scene is outside, which includes sheep, a cow, and a donkey. This is one of Parker’s favorite stops during this time of the year at Krohn. I wish today was a little warmer, but he still had a grand old time looking at the animals.

Krohn by candlelight evenings

Enjoy extended evening hours and experience the lights inside the conservatory. They will have a special take-home craft. Visit between December 12-23 or December 26-30 between the hours of 5-7:30 pm.

A Yearly Tradition Picture

This sweet butterfly bench is a staple at Krohn Conservatory. On our visit when Parker was only two months old, I thought it would be fun to take a picture with it. Yes, he was sleeping. Every year since it’s been so much fun to sit him on the same bench and watch him grow.

It was such a fun day with friends exploring our city! We love holidays in Cincinnati, especially at Christmas time!



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