I’m a sucker for a personalized ornament

December 9, 2019

I love decorating the tree, but with two small kids, I am nervous. Parker likes to take things, and hide them. No matter what, there are some ornaments that I will always put on the tree because the memories make me so happy. I absolutely adore the styled trees that people have, but I am a sucker for the homemade personalized one.

Our Engagement 2014

CJ and I got engaged on May 3, 2014. That Christmas I decided to get a personalized ornament to commemorate the day we got engaged. I found it on Etsy and was very happy with it. That same Christmas my grandma surprised us with the personalized snowman engagement ornament!

Our Wedding 2015

We got this ornament as a wedding present, and I was excited. It’s our wedding invite shredded up and put into a clear ornament ball. It was such thoughtful DIY gift from a friend, that I will forever cherish. Every time I hang it I always think of her and remember our wedding day.

A Year in Review

A couple of years ago I decided to do a ‘year in review’ ornament. I had wanted to make picture books, but for me, that was going to take too long and is something I probably wouldn’t look at too often. The like idea of it being display during the Christmas season which is when many reflect on all the good times. Also, I realized I don’t have a ‘2016’, so next year I will be making two!

A fun tip: I always order these on ‘Cyber Monday’ from Shutterfly and usually get good deals!

Babies First Christmas

On top of our yearly ornament, I did a special one for each kid. It was funny because I had forgotten which one I had chosen for Parker when I ordered Hadley’s. Apparently I have the same taste two years apart. In the ornament, I included their birthday, time, weight, and length.

An ornament for each year

When CJ was growing up his mom gave each of the kids an ornament every year. I have loved that idea ever since I heard it. I started it last year and will continue the tradition this year with both kids. The below Mickey was from when I went to Disney with my mom, Parker, my cousin Sandy, and her kids. The two ornaments we are adding this year is a train of Parker and a donut for Hadley.

To me, something personalized makes it even more special. Whenever I have the opportunity I always try to add a name, date, or monogram to any present. Tell me in the comments below; what is your favorite ornament right now on your tree?



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