6 Months of Hadley Marie

November 8, 2019

My baby girl turns 6 months old today!! Where has the time gone? It means that we have officially survived a half year as a family of 4. Little Miss Hadley has had an exciting month experiencing all things fall. She currently weighs around 16 pounds, and still so little to me. Compared to her big brother she will always look so small to us! Hadley loves cuddles, giving kisses, and eating your nose. She is currently rolling all over the place, but we are working on rolling to our left. We are in physical therapy for torticollis and working on it!

Hair Goals

The number one compliment this girl gets is on her hair! No one can believe that she is only 6 months old and has all that hair. We can officially put it into a ponytail and pig tails. Girlfriend has some crazy hair days and usually always in some sort of barrette. Her bangs are in her face most of the time. I casually mentioned in an Instagram post about cutting her hair, and people didn’t like that. Don’t worry, I won’t touch Little Miss wonderful locks anytime soon!

Swim Lessons

We started Hadley in swim lessons in September at Goldfish-Anderson. We wanted her to get comfortable in the water and not be nervous around it. Most of the time she isn’t really sure what is going on. Little Miss is now starting to kick her legs, grab at Bubbles the fish and splash around in the water. She gives her instructors the biggest smiles and is living her best life.

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Little Miss is in her very first fall and she is having a blast! We went to two pumpkin patches and one farm. I attempted to get her picture with the pumpkin, but she just tried to eat them and we hadn’t quite mastered sitting up yet. She took two hayrides and seemed to enjoy them both. Hadley had her first ride in the wagon and liked being involved and still looking around.


Halloween was so much fun with two little ones around! We dressed Hadley up as a little dalmatian doggie, while her big brother was a firefighter! This mama will dress up her kids in family costumes as long as she can. Little Miss only made it to a couple of houses on Halloween night, it was way too cold for her. She enjoyed passing out candy with mama while watching all the kids come to the door and trying to take all the candy out of the bowl.

First Foods

We started Hadley on her first foods this month. She wasn’t too sure about what was happening, but I believe some actually got into her mouth. In the next week or so we will be starting baby-led weaning. We did this with Parker, and it worked out very well. Like I mentioned earlier, Hadley is smaller than her big brother so we will be going slowly with her making sure we do it safely.

Sitting up by herself

Hadley is starting to sit up on her own for the most part. She is still a little wobbly but for the most part, she does it on her own. This mama just needs to be on her game in case she falls at any moment. Sitting up is helping Little Miss play a little more and she is so excited about it!

Absolutely LOVES her big brother

Hadley is obsessed with her big brother Parker! Anytime he is near she can’t take her eyes off of him and loves to grab his hair. He isn’t totally on board with it but will tolerate it to some extent. Parker will even give her hugs and kisses if asked. He will sometimes pet her hair, or even try and push her over. The sibling love has already started and I am so excited about it. I can’t wait to watch them grow up together and continue to grow their relationship.

Other amazing pictures of Little Miss Hadley Marie

Little Miss Hadley had a wonderful month doing so many new things. I can’t wait for her to experience the holidays. It will be so much fun watching her discover all that Thanksgiving and Christmas has to offer. Follow along on her adventures on Instagram!



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