Mom Hack: Quick and Easy Meals on the Go

November 6, 2019

I ask myself every day, “what are we going to have for lunch?” You would think by now I would have this all figured out, but that’s life. Lunchtime in our house needs to be quick. Most of the time we are coming home from a Moms group, playdate, or wherever we ventured to in the morning. My mission once we leave for home is: keep Parker awake (no one likes car naps) and figure out something quick to make for lunch.

Our friends over at Freeli offered to send over some samples of their lunch pouches for us to try! I was so excited, this could be a great option for those speedy lunches before naptime. They offer several wholesome, yummy and budget-friendly meal-in-a-pouch. Let me just tell you about the box they sent our goodies in. It was a giant coloring page that included crayons!! Both kids were occupied for a while, which made this mamas day.

Freeli has four different meal options and they aren’t a puree.

I am the type of person who cannot have the same meal over and over. Yes, toddlers are different, Parker eats the same breakfast every single day. Freeli’s lunch pouches aren’t purees. It is real food, which is great for us moms/dads. They come in four different flavors: Mac ‘n’ Cheese (Parker’s favorite,) Fiesta Bowl (my favorite,) Chicken Noodle, and Pasta & Meat Sauce.

You have the option of eating it now or putting it in a thermos for later.

Wednesday nights in our house are swim night. Both kids have back to back swim classes starting at 6:00 p.m. This is prime dinner time in our house every other night. We can’t feed Parker before swim because you know, ‘no one likes throwing up in a pool.’ We needed a solution to help our situation.

Last week we tried the thermos that the kind people at Freeli sent in our kit. I heated up the LunchPouch as instructed, but just added a couple of extra seconds to the time. Made sure it was hot enough and stuck the entire pouch into the thermos and we were ready to go. I packed a bowl, spoon, and fork just in case. He actually ate it directly out of the pouch my husband said!

Do you have a picky eater at dinner and don’t want to make two meals?

The other night we had a big sheet pan of veggies with bacon for dinner. Parker wasn’t a huge fan, and we just needed him to eat something. I’m a big ‘you eat what I made you’ person, but not with a sick kid. I remembered we had Mac ‘n’ Cheese Freeli in the fridge and it came to the rescue. Only 2:00 minutes later, he was happy and scarfing down dinner. It was quick and simple, plus I didn’t have to spend a ton of time making something separate.

If you are interested in trying this quick and convenient mom hack, check it out here. They also offer a $1 if you sign up for their newsletter.



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