DIY Family Pictures at the Sunflower Field

August 13, 2019

I love getting family pictures taken! I think I just like taking and being in pictures in general. Capturing the specific moment to remember forever is one of my favorites. Getting your pictures taken professionally can get expensive. We typically get ours taken at least once, maybe twice a year depending on what is going on.

The Story Behind Our DIY

This past weekend we were heading to the Natorps Sunflower field located in Mason, Ohio. I had noticed on Facebook many photographers were offering mini sessions for 15/20 minutes and you got 10 edited pictures. I was about to sign us up, but my husband talked me down.

Either way, we were going to the sunflower fields and I wanted to get a good family picture! In my head, I was hoping there would be a kind stranger around who would generously take our picture. As I got to thinking, two small children are not going to take a wonderful photo on the first try.

What You Will Need:

A Tri Pod and Camera Attachment

Well, we don’t have a camera attachment with our tripod so we had to get creative. My husband had a tripod that he used for his tools, and I had purchased an adjustable camera stand holder last year. I thought maybe we could combine these! It came together perfectly, and the camera holder came with a clicker. We could stand back just inside the frame and just click and there was our ‘perfect’ picture.

If you don’t have a camera stand holder, you could probably use your pop socket or something similar to prop it up (Tie a string to it or use some tape just in case it falls off.) For me, I really enjoy the clicker, but sometimes I want to hide it in the picture which is sometimes difficult. In those situations, I use the timer on the camera and it works just as well!

A Background

For this DIY family picture, we used the sunflower field. The tripod/camera holder setup can be used anywhere and for anything. You just need an area to set it up and room to make sure you have everything in the frame!

I am also planning on using this setup to take pictures of my outfits or quick pictures with the kids. Currently any time I want a picture of my outfit I have to ask my ‘Instagram husband.’ He ‘happily’ agrees, but I am sure he is getting a little tired of taking them all the time. This DIY project is a win is his book!

Not Being Ashamed or Embarrassed

You are going to have to lug around a tripod possibly in public. Who cares what people around you are going to think. I am sure they will be jealous because they didn’t think of your cool contraption to take their own pictures. Plus, do you remember when everyone carried around selfie sticks? This is much less ridiculous than that. Ha.

The Results of Our DIY

This DIY contraption was definitely a success in my book! We got wonderful pictures and could take a ton and not have to worry about bothering someone else.

Don’t worry I still made my ‘Instagram husband’ take a couple of pictures of me. Can’t let him lose his touch since we won’t always have this new contraption!

Don’t get me wrong we will still at least get our pictures professionally taken once or twice a year depending on what is going on. This is a great alternative to those in-between times, in a beautiful setting.




  • Emily August 13, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    What a great idea! We did the sunflower minis with our go to photographer but I REALLY wanted them ?

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