I Commit to 100

July 29, 2019

Today I am starting a new workout program. To say I am a little nervous would be an understatement. The program will consist of 100 workouts in total. I have only done a handful of workouts since giving birth to Hadley on May 8th. I will be doing a ton of modifying and that’s okay.

Before getting pregnant with Little Miss I was working out 5 days a week and was down to my lowest weight. I’m starting all over again and it won’t be easy. That is why I am posting this to keep myself accountable with you all. I want to be completely transparent with everyone. I’ll show you the good, the bad, the hardship, the triumphs, and everything in between.

My Why

Whenever you start a new diet/workout plan the number one question asked, “Why are you doing this?” This question is asked because things will get hard in this new journey you are embarking on. It’s good to always remember why you started on your journey and remember to not give up. Your reason could be deeply meaningful, superficial, or anything you want it to be. The important part is that your reasons are yours and yours alone.

This might seem selfish but I am doing this for me. The phrase “you can’t fill from an empty cup,” always rings in my ear. I want to feel confident in my looks, but it goes deeper than that. I remember how I felt when I was working out and eating right before. I want to get back to that place where my clothes fit better, and I wasn’t always worried about my appearance. I know my body won’t be like it was before having babies, so I just want to embrace where I am now.


My second reason why are these three right here. I want to be the best wife and mother I can be. I have to put the time and energy into making myself my best version so I can take care of them. I want to be the mom who is on the ground playing, running around in the park, in the pool swimming, and anything else they want me to do. I won’t sit on the sidelines just watching.

Goodbye Pictures

Here I am in all my glory. This body has carried & birthed two babies and I love it. I just feel fluffy, not as confident, and I am ready to make a change. These are “goodbye” pictures to the women who tired and not confident in herself. I can’t wait to see what you look like in 100 days from today. Either way, I will love you and appreciate you!



My Goals

My number one goal is to complete all 100 workouts. I want to prove to myself that I can do it. So many times I have started a workout plan or a new diet, and then just stopped. I always regret when I do this and wonder where I would have been if I didn’t. That is why I am posting this here, for extra accountability.

Another goal is to have my clothes in the closet fit. We all have those jeans, dresses, and shirts in the back of the closet for that ‘one day.’ Hopefully, in 100 days, some of them will fit again. I would also love to purchase a Gal Meets Glam dress to wear on my 32nd birthday.

The next 100 days are going to pass no matter what. Might as well do something good for me in the process! I will be posting every day in my Instastories if you would like to follow along.



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