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July 11, 2019

Life got a little crazy right before and after Little Miss Hadley Marie joined our family back in May. The blog kind of took a backseat to everything going on. No worries friends, I am back! Woo! I have missed this little corner and more importantly you all.

Today’s post I am throwing it back to April 6th. I had been wanting to get updated family pictures done for awhile. Being a month out from my due date this was the best of both worlds. The thing is that every time we schedule pictures with Danielle Ledonne Photography it always rains. We tried to schedule Parker’s one-year photos, and it rained every single time we tried.

When looking at the weather we noticed it was supposed to rain on the 7th. Danielle texted us the day before asking if we were free and it worked out great! We decided to meet down at Smale Park at The Banks in downtown Cincinnati. This is actually where we got our engagement pictures taken so it was fun to go back now.

CJ and I learned it is not an easy task to take pictures with a toddler. Danielle was wonderful and knew exactly what she was doing. She knew we had only had a certain amount of time for him to cooperate. Parker did awesomely, and thank goodness for the song ‘happy and you know it.’ It came in handy whenever he started to get distracted or wouldn’t smile. We even had people passing by singing it along with us!


The pictures of just Parker and I will be cherished forever. For a year and a half, it was just the two of us most of the time. This was right before his whole world was about to change with the arrival of his baby sister. It wasn’t just going to be him and I anymore. He will always be my baby and the little boy who made me a mama.


Some of the last pictures as a family of 3!


When did my baby become a little boy? I swear these pictures make him look so old. Time needs to slow down.

If you are on the fence about doing a maternity shoot with a second baby, I highly recommend it. They will become a great memory to look back on and remember the last little bit before your new arrival comes.  Right now (two months in) it’s hard to remember life before Hadley. I’m pretty sure the newborn haze/lack of sleep helps with that. But looking at these pictures already helps recollect times when it was just the three of us.



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