Summer 2019 Bucket List

June 21, 2019

It’s officially summer in Cincinnati! That means more time outside exploring this beautiful city of ours. With each change of seasons, there are new adventures to be had. Last summer Parker wasn’t walking yet, so we didn’t do a ton of things. This summer is a whole ‘nother ballgame for us.

Earlier this year in my Eastside Crossroad Mom’s Group we made a bucket list. I loved this idea because there are always so many things to do, that you forget about them. Plus it was a way to be creative and get to know the people in your small group. We could put as much or as little things on our list for the summer.

While I started to create mine, I did a variety of easy activities and others that are much more involved. I wanted this summer to be more intentional, especially with Parker with so many things having been thrown his direction the past couple of months. Parker loves being outside and exploring so I kept that in my mind.

Below is our list. Some of the things we have already accomplished! I will continue to update with pictures of our summer adventures.

Parker and Mama Date

Cincinnati weather has been less than ideal the past couple days. I made the suggestion to my mom that we should check out Newport Aquarium.  She then offered to watch Hadley so Parker and I could have a date. It was the perfect day for the aquarium as the weather was overcast. I think he had fun, and it was just like old times!

Parker and Dada Date
Cincinnati Reds Game

June 1st we attended our annual Reds game with my mom’s side of the family. We didn’t watch a lot of the game, but that is life with a toddler. I did get a chance to use their nursing facility, which is top notch! Also, if it’s your kids first time to the game, make sure to get them a certificate to commemorate the day!

Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Exhibit

Before summer even started we checked this off our list. We ventured with Nana to check out the butterflies. Parker loved it but didn’t have the patience to stand very still for a butterfly to land.

Smale Park
West Fork Park

The park had so much to do for my energetic toddler. There was a maze (run in circles), tiny houses, a butterfly light catcher to turn, music to play, slides, steps, a zip line when he is older, and so much more!

Woodland Mounds
Holtman Donuts and Miami Meadow Park

@holtmansdonuts + good friends + construction equipment + park hangs = a pretty good way to start the week ???️ Today we crossed off another bucket list item with our friend @consistently_curious and get daughter. Grabbed donuts followed by checking out Miami Meadow Park!

Watch Airplanes Land/Take-Off

This airplane loving boy was just living his best life today! ✈️ We checked out ‘Lunken Days’ at Lunken Airport. It was filled with lots of planes (which you can sit in,) helicopters flying (you can take rides for $45/person,) old fashioned cars, tanks, and so much more!

Swimming in the Pool

For the Fourth of July, we went over to my sister and brothers-in-law house for swimming! Parker had an absolute blast. We have since been back one more time, and sure we will go more before summer is over. Next step is going to be signing Parker up for swim lessons.

‘Make a Mess’ Painting

Things got a little messy today ???️ I have been wanting to do this fun activity and we finally did it today: Make a Mess Painting! Got poster board, washable paint, paint brushes, a cup of water, and a toddler with lots of energy.
We set this up in our driveway so the dog didn’t get into it. Then I just let him go. Paint was mixed, got on the ground, and on him! It was a fun time and will doing it again.

Sunflower Park

Read all about this adventure here.

Local Ice Cream Shop
Find as many Mr. Redlegs as we can

Follow along on our summer adventures on Instagram! Let me know what is on your Cincinnati summer bucket list, we would love to know!



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