Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Pictures

April 10, 2019

Welcome back to my little ‘Wedding Wednesday’ segment leading up til our anniversary. In case you missed the last two: “How We Met” and “The Proposal.” Today I will be throwing it back to our engagement pictures taken in 2014.

Since our wedding took place in April, we got our engagement pictures taken on October 1st. This made me so excited because I love the fall and the weather that accompanies it. We decided to get our pictures taken in downtown Cincinnati at Smale Park. Our wedding reception was going to take place in a park, so I wanted a city backdrop for these pictures.

I absolutely love the idea of engagement pictures. It’s a great way to get to know your photographer before the big day. We decided to go with The Married Photogs as our wedding photographer. Rudy and Tammi are a married couple based out of Northern Kentucky who I found that I adored their work. They are a fun and easy going couple who we got along with really well. CJ and I were able to be ourselves with them which is truly important in my book! I didn’t want our pictures to look staged and rigged.

Here are some of my favorites:



As mentioned earlier, finding a photographer that we could be ourselves with was important. Case in point the picture below. CJ had mentioned doing it, and they were all for it! Getting your picture taken should be a fun time, so make it that way!

Check back next week as I show a sneak peek into my bachelorette party!




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