A Sprinkle for Little Miss Hadley

April 12, 2019

Last week my two beautiful sisters in law and mother in law threw me a wonderful sprinkle for Little Miss. They definitely didn’t need to but it was a perfect afternoon spent with family. All of them went above and beyond with the decorations, food, games, gifts, and everything in between. This little girl is already so loved and spoiled by those around her!

Also, if you haven’t seen or noticed we decided on a name! Her name is Hadley Marie! It took a while to finally decide, but we couldn’t be happier. When I say it took some time, we had a list of 15 names we agreed on. The one that kept getting on the top was Hadley, and we will call her Haddie for short!


My sister in laws asked me the colors that the nursery was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised that they used all the colors in each decoration. The colors of her nursery will be pink, mint, grey, and white. It was so fun to see all the colors together as the nursery isn’t finished yet (still a work in progress.) The best part of the decorations, I was able to bring them home and can use them in her nursery!

Her name, initials, and the color pink were all over the place. I have always liked  pink, but the past couple of years I have fallen more in love with it. Now I have an excuse to have even more things with the color pink for a baby girl. They put so much thought into using the colors for the nursery and it was so sweet. Now the decorations will live on in her room.


A pregnant woman’s favorite part of any occasion these days, food! These days I eat every 2-3 hours to hold nausea away. My sister in law, Saundra, had texted me a couple of weeks before the shower asking if I have been craving anything or if something sounded good. This was so sweet of her! I haven’t had too many particular cravings for any food so I said whatever is easiest for them.

They went with a taco bar and it was delicious! The bar had both ground beef & turkey plus all the fixings to make your taco. My other sister in law, Melissa, went and got queso from our favorite restaurant. The taco bar was such a hit and everyone got to customize it however they liked.

My other favorite part of the shower, the cookies and cake! All I have wanted all pregnancy has been carbs and sweets. Also, please take a look at these cookies. Melissa found “Giggle cookies by Jenny“, who actually lives right here in Cincinnati. With the level of detail in them, I ALMOST didn’t want to eat them, but like I said, “almost.”


Everyone went above and beyond what I ever anticipated when it came to gift giving. They definitely spoiled this little girl in the clothing department. It is so easy to do when buying girls clothes. Don’t get me wrong, boys clothes are great, but I know I can’t turn away from a bow, skirt, romper, anything.

Some family members went out of their way and made thoughtful gifts. My mother in law made a quilt and this AMAZING diaper cake that looks so lifelike! Every time I looked at it I thought it was a real baby. I even sent a text to CJ and he thought it was his niece, haha. It is still in one piece, and I would love to get a picture of Hadley next to the fake baby just to see the size difference. My sweet mother in law is super talented. She saw a picture of this and just went from there. It looks so much better than the picture she saw.

Cousin Fun

Watching these three play and grow up together is so much fun. After the shower was over, I ran back to get CJ and Parker. Saundra bought these cute shirts off Etsy for the kids to wear and match. She did it for when Parker was born, and it was just an awesome idea. I can’t wait till Hadley is here and have a picture of them all wearing their shirts. The memories the four of them will create together is going to be magical. As an only child, I grew up with my cousins and those memories will last a lifetime! I hope this is true for the four of them.


What I Wore

I always have the hardest time figuring out what to wear. Add on being pregnant and it just gets harder for me. As I have mentioned multiple times I am trying not to shop as much this year. I made an exception when trying to find a dress to wear for this sprinkle and family pictures we were taking. While I was trying to find the perfect dress for the occasion it needed to work for after pregnancy.

The dress I wore for the sprinkle will still fit and be functional for after my pregnancy. This particular dress I found on Amazon and can still be worn it afterwards. My plan is to breastfeed with Little Miss if all goes well, and this dress is fabulous for that. Easy accessible and will be great during the hot summer months. I highly recommend it if you are expecting or going to be nursing!




There are affiliate links, so if you buy something I get a few bucks to put towards this great website! I thank you in advance!

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