Wedding Wednesday: Our Proposal Story

April 3, 2019

April will always be a special month for me. It’s the month I married my husband, CJ. We got married on April 25, 2015, which is the ‘perfect date.’ If you haven’t seen Miss Congeniality there is a quote in the movie that says, “I would have to say April 25, because it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.” In our case it was not the ‘perfect day’ it rained and was cold.

I had this idea last year but unfortunately, it didn’t happen so I thought I would do it this year instead. Every week I will be sharing the special things that led up to our wedding. Last year I shared how CJ and I met. Today I will be sharing how he popped the question! Might be a little biased, but he did a fabulous job.

Leading up

CJ and I had been dating for two and a half years. So many of my friends were getting engaged and married. I’m not going to lie I was getting a little impatient. My head was going crazy every time we were out somewhere or drove past somewhere romantic/cute. Every time I thought, ‘maybe he will just pull over and pop the question right now.’ Yes, I was THAT girl! My friend Kristen was the one I would tell this all to. Little did I know she knew when it was going to happen and was helping CJ pick out the ring.

Fast forward to Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. I woke up that morning and had a hair appointment scheduled. Afterward, we went to ‘The Original Pancake House’ for breakfast and then had to go to the bank. That summer we were visiting all the local parks in the Cincinnati/NKY area. We had decided to check out Devou Park which gives you a perfect view of Cincinnati.

That day I was taking my time everywhere we went not knowing what was going on. CJ was trying to hurry me along without being too noticeable, as not to give anything away.

At the Park

We finally made it to the park. There were others around so we sat on a bench to overlook the wonderful full view of Cincinnati. CJ finally mentioned to me lets take a selfie with the city in the background. We took a picture or two and I just had to see how it looked. When I finally turned around there was CJ down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

I was in complete shock. He used my full name and asked me to marry him (I think.) As we talked about it later, I had no idea what he actually said, and if the word ‘yes’ was even uttered by myself. You have the thought of this day in your mind for so long that when it finally comes, you blank.

One of the best things he did that day was to ask his coworker at the time, Alex, to come take pictures. It is a special moment where I am glad I will have these images to remember. As we sat on the bench when we first got there I pointed out that one of the people in the park looked like Alex, but he shrugged it off like I was crazy. He did a good job.

After all the excitement from the proposal and pictures, we went back to sitting on the bench. Sometimes when I get overly emotional whether it be excitement or nerves I begin to shake. It has happened many times in my life, and this was one of them. We just took the time to sit on the bench together talking, looking at the scenery, and just being together.

Then the excitement of all the phone calls started. Apparently, everyone in the world knew what was happening but pretended on the phone that they didn’t. We actually got to stop at my Grandma’s to tell her in person and show her the ring which was really special.

The celebration

Not only did he plan this wonderful proposal with a photographer to capture it, but there was also a party. We had planned early in the week to meet my parents at a local restaurant, Oakley Pub and Grill. They texted and said they had a table in their lower level. As we walked downstairs there was our friends and family! It was the icing on the cake after such a great day. He had rented out the whole bottom floor so it was great to mingle with everyone. There was much talk about the day and the future plans to come! May 3rd will always be one of my favorite days!

Check back next week to see the engagement pictures we took at Smale Park downtown Cincinnati!



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