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April 2, 2019

Happy April! Oh My! Where did March go?! This past week and a half have been crazy- I didn’t mean to take a break from the blog, but all of a sudden it had been a week and no post had been written. Thought I would share some updates as to what has been going on!

I have a hernia

After I posted my 32-week bumpdate I had my biweekly doctor appointment. This is definitely one thing I forgot about from my first pregnancy, how much you go to the doctors towards the end.

I was seeing my regular doctor who I hadn’t seen yet this pregnancy. The practice I go to have several different doctors whom you rotate seeing and getting to know. You never know who will be on call when you deliver so it’s good to meet and have some relationship with them all.

During the routine check-up, laying on my back checking baby heartbeat she was talking to me about my belly button popping out. I assumed this was normal towards a certain point of some pregnancies. She then informed me I had a hernia above my belly button and that was causing it to stick out.

I didn’t really know what a hernia was, but she said it is pretty common in pregnant women. The hernia I have is called, ‘Umbilical Hernias.’ According to Google, “the most common type of hernia during pregnancy and occur right at your belly button when your intestines bulge through the front of the abdominal wall.” It isn’t affecting anything currently with my pregnancy and may require surgery afterward.

SkyZone Fun

My friend Taylor has been telling me for weeks that we needed to check out SkyZone. We finally decided to meet her one Sunday afternoon during their ‘toddler time.’ On Sunday we picked apparently everyone else in the area had the exact same idea. We ended up getting in and only having about a half hour to jump, but Parker loved it.

When I found out that they offered ‘toddler time’ during the week I knew we had to go back and check it out. It is offered Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:30-11:00. Parker and I checked it out on a Friday and it wasn’t as crowded. He got to run around and explore all the place had to offer. There were some places this pregnant mama wouldn’t let him roam to. For instance the foam square pits. I would have trouble getting him out let alone me in. Just imagine that for a second. HAHA.

It was a perfect Friday morning activity to do with a high energy toddler. He was asleep in the car before we even made it home. CJ was able to transfer him to the crib and he continued to sleep. I even let myself take a nap because I was exhausted from chasing him around. Overall, I would highly recommend.

Basement Update

It’s moving right along and I’m so excited! We have all the insulation done, and they start on the drywall today! They are hoping to have everything done by the end of April/beginning of May. This will be just in time for Little Miss to get here.

Last week we met with the railing guy and picked that out. Wednesday we meet to pick out the flooring and paint. It is really starting to shape up downstairs and becoming a reality. I cannot wait for it to be completely finished and start utilizing the space. So many memories will be created in the space those spaces and it makes my heart all happy!

New Carpet

It will be 4 years living in our house at the end of July. Since moving in we have done one big project which is our backyard (still in the process) and replaced the carpet in the nursery. That is why things have been a little crazy around our house recently with the basement so why not add on something else. Last week we had the carpet replaced on our steps upstairs, hallway, and Parker’s new room.

This made me so excited. The carpet has been lived on well and it was time to replace. You forget how much you love new carpet until most of your upstairs has been replaced. On the hallway, we went with a greyish-beige color with specs in it. Perfect for the hallway and hiding all the dirt that accumulates in that area.


Like I said we also replaced the carpet in the room we are moving Parker into. We chose a grey for that room and love it. In the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing a blog post all about Parker’s new big boy room. He is in the process of transitioning to a toddler bed and everything!


Red’s Opening Day

Opening Day in Cincinnati is a city holiday. This year is even more special due to it being the Red’s 150th year! I wanted to take Parker last year to the opening day parade but it was way too cold. Looking at the weather this year it was projected in the high 60s so I knew we had to go! I recruited my parents and some friends, we headed down to join in the festivities.

We all gathered in Washington Park and it was ideal! Finding a spot was a little difficult since it was a nice day and everyone was out. While looking we found a grassy little hill overlooking the street. There was enough room for all our chairs, strollers, children to run, as space to spread out, and avoided the crowds right on the street.

I highly recommend Washington Park for parade watching. There were bathrooms, food trucks, activities for the kids, adult beverages, and so much more! We will definitely be back next year with (weather permitting.) Just a heads up the parade is actually 2 hours long, which I had no idea. I think we might have watched 30/40 minutes of it and then went to find other activities in the park.

I will hopefully now get back to regularly posting. We have around 36 days til Little Miss will be here, so stay tuned of all things coming together to prepare.



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