32 Week BumpDate

March 20, 2019

Today I am officially 32 weeks pregnant! WHAT?!? How is that possible? I feel like I just found out I was pregnant and now we have about 50 days until Little Miss is here. Time needs to slow down and speed up at the same time! I can’t believe this is my first pregnancy update. I had all intention in updating each trimester, but life happens.

I have mentioned back in our announcement and gender reveal that we found out back in September that I was pregnant. We had just got back from an adult weekend away at a friends lake house, a family member was in the hospital, and it was the day after my husband’s 31st birthday. I was a couple of days late but blamed it on stress for leaving Parker for the weekend. To my surprise, a faint pink line showed up a test. I didn’t believe it so we went to Kroger to get a more reliable test, it said “pregnant.”

Pregnancy Symptoms

I have always heard that your second pregnancy is different from the first, and it has been 100% true for me. Not only has it been different seasons, but we also waited a while to announce.

Almost immediately nausea started, if I didn’t eat every couple of hours I would be in trouble. This made things a little difficult in the beginning especially since I was getting things ready for Parker’s first birthday party. Thank goodness for my amazing husband and parents for helping out in the early weeks of pregnancy.  I had some nausea with Parker, but not as much as I did with this pregnancy.

This pregnancy also has brought some anxiety and sometimes not feeling like myself. There was a rough couple weeks that I just didn’t want to leave the house when all the emotions were hitting me.

Holy acne batman! My face wasn’t perfect by any means before this pregnancy, but it has definitely gotten worse. All these extra hormones are wreaking havoc in my body.


During my pregnancy with Parker, my biggest craving was grilled steak and corn on the cob. This surprised me due to the fact I used to not like steak. I was afraid after he was born my hatred would come back, but nope, steak is still consumed in this house.

As soon as I found out I was expecting I wondered what craving would come to this pregnancy. The first food item I wanted was chili cheese fries. I’m pretty sure I taste tested them all throughout the city. It definitely didn’t help I lived within 5 minutes of a Skyline!

After the craving of chili cheese fries, it switched to sweets and carbs! Between ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, candy, and everything else it’s not been good. I have already gained more with this pregnancy than I did with Parker. The doctors don’t seem worried, so I am not either.

Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy with this little girl is in a completely different season than with Parker. I am not complaining about this one bit, pregnant in the summer is not very fun. Thankful for this winter pregnancy so I was able to utilize many of the clothes I already own. I am also able to utilize clothes I used with Parker.

My number one goal during pregnancy is to be comfortable! Leggings are my best friend through these 9 months and after. I’m not going to lie I even wear them when I am not pregnant.

Right now I am currently not buying any new clothes unless they can be utilized for after pregnancy. I have allowed myself to purchase these three items (Casual Thermal top, Maxi dress, and a wrap dress) as I can use them for summer/fall months and if breastfeeding happens they can be used.

Everything Else

Exhaustion this pregnancy is very real. One moment I am a highly functioning adult and the next I can barely keep my eyes open. In these moments, I feel like a mommy failure with Parker. All I feel like I can muster is turning on some TV and trying to get some quiet time and waiting for this to pass.

Parker is still adjusting to the fact he is going to be a big brother. CJ and I are not sure how much he is actually comprehending with the fact there is a baby in my belly. We are trying to use her name as much as possible so he will get used to it. He will wave, say ‘hi’, and kiss my belly when asked.

This little girl is moving like crazy and I am trying to soak in every movement. She is getting bigger and bigger so they are getting more intense. It’s one of my favorite moments at pregnancy watching my belly move like waves!

We still have so much to do before she arrives in May. I will feel much better at the end of this month with everything. Parker is moving into our second bedroom and his room will become Little Miss’ room. The painting of his room will hopefully happen this weekend, while carpet will be replaced on the 28th. Once he is moved and settled, we will start on her room.

Stayed tuned for more pregnancy and life updates. The next two months will be filled with many completed projects.



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