House Projects: Basement Remodel Before and The Plan

March 14, 2019

Tuesday our contractors started construction on our big basement remodel. This project has been one CJ and I have been talking about since we bought our house in August of 2015. It is finally the right time since we are welcoming Little Miss in May. We live in a 3 bedroom house and CJ works full time at home now. He was using one of the extra bedrooms, but he will soon be kicked out.

I am so excited we have finally started this project. We got 3 quotes from local basement remodeling companies and ended up going with The Finished Basements. I was very impressed with how quickly they were able to start this project. CJ contacted them on Friday that we made our decision, they informed us they would be out on Monday to sign contracts and could start on Tuesday.

The Clean Out

This was earlier than we had anticipated but were eager to get started. The first big task was cleaning everything out of the basement. I really wish I would have taken pictures of the basement full of things. We are also in the process of getting our 2nd bedroom ready to move Parker. Painting and replacing the carpet in there will happen at the end of the month. This means we had two catch-all rooms that needed to be cleaned out within one week of each other.

All this together has caused a bit of stress and our house looking like a hot mess for a bit. First, things got moved into our kitchen, then we figured out where to place it in  our dining room. Surprisingly we can see some of the floors and can still walk into the room.

Also, you don’t realize how much stuff you have until it’s all in one room…

The Plan

Coming up with the plan for the basement was the most fun and challenging part of this whole process. We knew exactly what we wanted, but figuring out how it would all fit gave us some challenge. The basement is an awkward shape with the sump pump, furnace, drain, and columns spread throughout. Must haves in our basement was an office for CJ, living room, play area for the kids, bathroom, and unfinished space for storage.

I cannot take the credit for coming up with the above layout. CJ did that all on his own and did awesome at it. He got everything we wanted to fit into the plan! He even saw this innovative and different way to use the space underneath our stairs.

Before Pictures

Living Room/ Play Room


The Bathroom/Hallway/Office

The Unfinished/Storage Area


Under the Stairs Project

They have two days of work done and progress is already starting to take shape. I cannot wait to see how this will all turn out. This new space will become our most utilize spot in the house I am sure. Currently, all of Parker’s toys are in our living room and I will be counting down the days till most of them will go downstairs. The whole process should be done with about mid to the end of May. Yes, this will be after Little Miss is born, but it will just be the finishing touches!

Follow along as progress begins to happen, I will be posting videos and pictures on Instagram. I can’t wait to take you with us as this unfolds!



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