Make Any Day Valentine’s Day

February 26, 2019

I absolutely love holidays, to me it doesn’t matter how big or small. A holiday is a great excuse to celebrate and make that month, week, or day extra special. I am also a sucker for holiday themed books, decorations, and food. I always say I’ll be that Mom to make a meal themed to holiday at hand, but never seem to follow through. “There is always next year!”

We are all busy people who get wrapped up in what we are doing or in our routines. Sometimes being super focused we get in ruts, doing the same thing over and over. To be honest that is how CJ and I had been the month of January. Between the new year, snow days, sickness we got into a rut. When February hit, I knew we needed a night out just the two of us to reconnect.

My parents offered to babysit Parker for us one evening since Valentine’s Day was coming up; perfect timing! The added bonus, it ended up being a sleepover!!! CJ and I got to talking that even if it wasn’t Valentine’s Day we still needed to get out of our rut. The holiday was just an excuse, but the act of getting out of our normalcy was not. Don’t think just because it’s February 14th you have to go on a date, go February 28th, May 8th, or whatever day works best for you.

When we started to plan for our night out we knew dinner and an activity would be involved (more on this in another post.) First step was trying to figure out what activity. We had talked about wanting to go bowling for the longest time, but didn’t want to just go down the street to our local bowling alley. I did some searching and two alleys stuck out, The Pin Deck in Milford and Pins Mechanical Co in OTR. Next step, was to pick the restaurant so I went straight to OpenTable. It makes finding a reservation so easy and you can compare to others in the same area. We decided to try 20 Brix in Milford. So many people told us wonderful things about it, and we had meaning to try it for years.

I was so excited for a fancy dinner date just the two of us at a new restaurant. 20 Brix is located in downtown Milford and is known for their wine selection. Please no judgement, but I did indulge in a little bit of wine. It was red wine and was delicious, can’t wait to go back and sample even more! Ha.

One good thing about being pregnant and going to a new restaurant is you have an excuse to try all the yummy food. We ordered the Mushroom Bruschetta as an appetizer and it didn’t disappoint one bit. I am still thinking about it weeks later, we did get it without the egg though. I have a weird thing with eggs and it intensifies more when pregnant. Next was the hard decision of what to get for an entree. We both decided we would choose meals that we don’t normally have. I picked the Crab Cakes, while CJ went with the Stroganoff.


After dinner we ventured up the street to The Pin Deck, which is also located in Milford. The bowling alley is actually connected to Scene 75, which was an added bonus. We put our name in and the wait was an hour for our lane. To kill time we went next door, put money on a card, and played some arcade games. It was a ton of fun, we both felt like kids again with no responsibility! We had been once before, and remembered the claw game, and knew we had to try. It may or may not have taken a few tries, but we got one! We also won some tickets while we played to get other goodies to take home with us for Parker!


After fun at Scene 75, our lane was ready! We only bowled for an hour, but we had such a blast. One thing we hadn’t considered is how different it is playing with just the two of us rather than with a whole group. I felt like I was constantly standing up to bowl, and this mamas feet were hurting by the end of the night. A funny thing happened on the game. CJ was bowling one of the best games of his life (he had never gotten over 100.) After he had mentioned it to me, and my next bowl somehow got stuck and completely shut down our game for a bit. It didn’t erase the game completely, but it gave him an extra bowl, so he felt like his game was tainted.


After bowling, we stopped at UDF for some ice cream and went home for some Netflix. We were home by 9:30pm and it was a perfect night. Don’t wait for the next holiday, special occasion, or whatever it might be as your excuse to get out. Go on your date night whenever! If you are getting stuck in your same routine, pick a day and do something special. Make up your own holiday for your family to celebrate and have fun!!



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