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February 10, 2019

I am one of those people who loves January 1st. It marks a fresh year, clean start, and all new possibilities. Over the years I started using the word ‘intentions’ instead of ‘resolutions’ and it has helped a lot. A post regarding my 2019 intentions will be out next week, but for here is a sneak peek.

The first change I made in 2019 was to my bedtime routine. This change came out of a necessity when I got a bad cold back in January. I caught a bad cough that lasted for 3 weeks, and since I am pregnant, there isn’t much medicine I can take. I was up all night coughing and eventually falling asleep around 2:30/3 am. After a couple nights of this, something had to change.

Up until this point my routine was falling asleep to Netflix and scrolling aimlessly on my phone. If anyone were to look at our history, I’d totally get judged. I’ve completed ‘NCIS,’ ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Burn Notice,’ and ‘Law and Order’ too many times to count. I never watched a single episode all the way through, it was just noise in the background.

While I was sick this wasn’t cutting it anymore, and I knew something had to change. Each night before I would go to bed (or at 2:30 when sleep wasn’t happening), we would brew a cup of tea with lots of honey. It would help me to relax after the day that just happened and put me in the mentality for bed.

Another thing in the past that has helped me fall asleep was reading. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it out instead of scrolling or watching TV. The first thing was finding the right book to fall asleep to. A book that made me think too much was out, since the whole goal was to settle my brain. I finally decided I would read “Harry Potter” from the beginning. They are fun books and it had been awhile since reading them all. However since I’ve read them already, I remember most of them, so they won’t keep me awake anticipating what’s going to happen. It was perfect!

Now that the drink of choice & book were chosen, something else seemed missing. One of the main reasons I fell asleep to the TV was the noise, and now that was gone. My cousin had talked to me in the past about sleeping to the sound of white noise. In our bedroom we have a “Google Home Mini” so I asked her to ‘play white noise.’ To my surprise she played it and even more exciting it played the entire night!

Since I have implemented these new routines I have definitely been sleeping better. I’m not going to lie, there are some nights I choose ice cream over tea, scroll aimlessly through Instagram instead of reading, and fall asleep to TV instead of white noise. Any new routine is a work in progress, but I am excited to finally have something I know works.

Next routine I will be working on, the morning!

Do you have any good morning or bedtime routines that help you?? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



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