2019 Intentions

February 24, 2019

Do you set resolutions/intentions at the beginning of the year? As I mentioned in this post, a new year brings much possibility. Going into 2019 has been very different than any other year. This year I knew we are going to be having a baby and things are going to change.

One thing I discovered last year was PowerSheets by Cultivate What Matters. Powers Sheets are ‘designed to help you make what matters happen, little by little!’ This is my second year using them, and I’ve found them to be invaluable. At the beginning, they offer prep work, where you can dig into what you want your year to look like. It’s also a way to look back on the previous year on what worked and what didn’t. One of my favorite things it does is show you what is standing in your way from living the life you want to live.

Following my 2019 Power Sheets, I set 5 intentions for 2019. Some of these intentions will change as the year goes on, but that is okay. As someone who loves January 1st, life gets in the way and it’s alright if I need to refocus.

Live Financially Smart

Since CJ and I made the decision for me to stay home, we are a one income household. Living financially smart is especially important for us, this year especially. We are about to become a family of four. This year will also be a pretty expensive year for us: having a baby, finishing our basement to give our family more space, and I am sure more things will pop up.

Somethings we have done to help with saving money/using money more wisely:

  • We get a $75 weekly “allowance” every Friday. This is to be used if we go out to eat with friends, shopping, and basically anything that would be just for us.
  • During our weekly family meeting we plan our meals for the week. Once we know what we are eating, we do a Kroger Clicklist, Meijer Shipt, or actually go to the grocery store. It helps having a specific grocery list so we aren’t buying extra things we don’t need. We are also trying to utilize our pantry/freezer/fridge to ensure we are eating the food we already have.
  • I have consciously made the decision to not buy clothes. No, I haven’t been perfect yet in this, but I am working on it. This year will be a weird ‘transition’ in clothes for myself, so I thought I would be more conscious on this. I will dig deeper in an upcoming blog post.
Living Amidst Blog

This intention is very near and dear to my heart. Living Amidst is my little corner of the internet I can express myself. I briefly talked about my plans for this in my ‘One Year Anniversary‘ blog post.

  • Be more consistent in my blog post. I’m working on a schedule for when my post will publish. I would love to have a post up every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. That way you all will know when to look for new material.
  • Stay true to myself, and be authentic. Sometimes we can look at Instagram/Facebook and start comparing our lives to others. People only show us what they want us to see. My life is far from perfect and put together. I want to show you how life is really like.
  • Become more involved in the blogging community, here in Cincinnati and elsewhere.

Love My Family Well

Sometimes we can all get in a rut of a routine. This happens in our household a lot, especially after a long day. Most nights we end up laying on separate couches, on our phones/computers, TV on, and not talking. This intention is for me to focus on loving CJ and Parker in the best way I know how. To stop the above scenario from ever happening, isn’t going to happen, but make it less frequent will.

Some ways I have done or plan to do this is:

  • Phone Down, Eyes Up. I am on my phone/computer way too often in front of the two people who need my attention the most. It isn’t fair to them. I have done, and will continue to do ‘social media free weekends’ to be more present.
  • Focus on my marriage. Be more intentional around CJ, and in our alone times. Try to have one date night a month if possible. If not, make a night after Parker goes to bed and make that our night.
  • Watch less TV. Mom guilt right here, we probably watch more TV than we should. Most of the time, no one is actually watching it, just noise in the background. I want to be more intentional to put music on, which Parker loves!
  • Make more memories with Parker. I have tried to take Parker to more places this year. He is a toddler boy who has lots of energy and can’t just stay in the house all day. He will probably not remember everything we did at this age, but in the moment he is having an absolute blast!
Prepare for Baby #2

In May we become a family of four, and things will change. There is so much that needs to be done before Little Miss arrives.

  • Get Parker ready for the changes that are about to happen. So far he has been so good, but I know he doesn’t fully understand what is about to happen. One big thing for him that is going to happen is moving rooms. We are going to keep his current room the nursery and move him across the hall. Our goal is to have him fully moved into his new room at the beginning of April.
  • Finishing the basement. We live in a three bedroom house, with CJ working fully from home. He currently works out of what will become Parkers room, and no room for him to go to. As a family we decided it was time to finish our basement to give us more space. The basement remodel will give us another family room, playroom, office, full bathroom, and storage area.
  • Prepare freezer meals, postpartum needs, and other misc items.

Self Care

I have learned over the past year how important self care is to my well being. When I don’t make time for myself I get very overwhelmed and caught up in day to day activities. I remember one day in particular last year my anxiety got so high and I couldn’t stop crying. That day I was so thankful for my parents, I could drop off Parker and just have a day taking care of myself. To make sure this doesn’t happen again I want to:

  • Not be afraid to ask for help. This is such a big thing for me, I am very stubborn. Not sure why though, I would rather just do everything myself and feel overwhelmed.
  • Do something just for me at least once a week. This includes girls night, face mask, reading, and other things that make me happy.
  • Eventually I would like to get back into working out. For now, I just hope warmer days are around the corner so walks around the neighborhood or park can happen.
  • Joining a Moms group in the community.

Do you set intentions every year? How has your year looked so far?




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