Brush and Brews at Elliot Jordan Gallery

December 14, 2018

I love a good girls night and a way to be creative. Of course, when the opportunity came up to visit Elliot Jordan’s Studio for “Brush and Brews” I was in. It was also an opportunity to spend time with some of Cincinnati’s wonderful bloggers: Pheobe, Stephanie, and Taylor!

His gallery is located right off Ridge Ave in Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. Even though his gallery has been around for 23 years, it was unlike any other paint experience I had been to. The room was smaller and the group of 10 was intimate and perfect.

One aspect of this event that differs from most is you can bring your own beverages. This was a complete game changer because it made it more of a party/ fun atmosphere and you become more laid back. We had the privilege of trying a new local brewery, Esoteric Brewing Company, which will be opening in 10 months. The brewery will be located in Walnut Hills, where they are currently renovating the former Paramount Theater building at Peeble’s Corner. We sampled (I only tried one) the Porter and Amber.

Elliott started the class by giving a little bit of background on himself, followed by “Family Feud” type questions for each of us. This is one of the unique things you get during this class, that you won’t somewhere else. My question was, “If you were lost, who would you ask for directions?” My answers: gas station, police officer, and google. I was wrong! The top answer… A FRIEND, haha.

Now that we had our beverages, answered our questions, and jazz music had started, it was time to get down to business. As was customary, there was a plethora of smocks and old dress shirts to choose from to protect your clothes. We started by drawing what we wanted our picture to look like with pencil. Once that was finished, it was time to paint. This is always my favorite part of the class, to see everyones different interpretations of the same painting.


My finished product looked nothing like how it was supposed to, but oh well! That’s the beauty of these classes, let your inner artist out and have fun with it!

Another fun fact about Elliot is he specializes in portraits. You can see them hung all around his studio, including one of his nephew. They were painted in charcoal, oils, and pastels. It would make a great gift for someone you know!


I highly recommend this studio for your next girls night, date night, family night out, or anything in between. You can contact him:

Elliot Jordan Studio Gallery
6113 Ridge Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio 45213

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