Life with a 7-Month Old

May 9, 2018

I know I say this every month, but ‘How do I have a 7-month-old?’  Time is going very fast and it needs to slow down!

This was a monumental month for Mr. Parker. So many new and exciting things happened.

The month started out with him celebrating his first Easter, meeting the Easter Bunny, and going down his first slide!

The pediatrician gave us the all-clear to start feeding him anything and everything, except honey. We had already been dabbling in pureed food from Beechnut but this was our time to expand. We started out with Banana’s, Avocados, and Baby Mum Mums. To get him used to eat the food we put it in Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder. This was a great first step, glad we had him in just a diaper because things got messy.

After that was successful, we moved onto Watermelon. This kid makes the funniest faces when he tries new foods. You aren’t sure if he is going to like it, but will always go back for more!


Next, we ventured out to lots of other things. We have tried sweet potatoes, mac n cheese, strawberries, cheese, pizza, steak, chicken, turkey, and so many more! We supervise him while he experiments with them all. There is some chocking, but it’s just him learning how to eat. It makes me nervous, but you can see his mind turning, figuring out how to get the food into his mouth.

Some of our baby besties turned one in April! We got to go to several first birthday parties and had an amazing time!


We have also been going to storytimes and having so much fun!

Parker already has 3 teeth, with more coming in. He is on the move, not quite crawling yet, but we are going forward!

Can’t wait to see what he is doing next month!!



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