Dinner at Sotto in Downtown Cincinnati

May 2, 2018

One of the reasons I always look forward to our anniversary is our annual dinner at Sotto. We started this tradition on our first anniversary, and have been back ever since. The food is amazing, the service is exceptional, and they really know how to make you feel special.

On our first anniversary, they brought us Lemoncello’s with a candle to celebrate!

Our second anniversary I was actually 18 weeks pregnant. They surprised us with a sweet ‘Sotto’ onesie!

Now on our third, we were really looking forward to it! We ended up making our reservations in January since we knew how popular the restaurant has been getting. We found a Saturday 5:15 reservation which was perfect! It was a nice date night just the two of while my wonderful parents watched Mr. Parker and even had a sleepover!

I switched up my outfit this year too. My goal was to wear the same dress every year since it was the dress I wore for my bachelorette party and our rehearsal dinner. This year the weather was a little colder and we were at a brewery to celebrate friends 30th birthday so the dress didn’t work out.

We started the dinner out with drinks and bruschetta. I got the ‘Phoenix,’ which was a specialty cocktail that had cotton candy in it, while CJ got a beer.


We got two different bruschettas to split. On the left is ‘goat cheese & hazelnut honey’ and on the right is the ‘porchetta.’


Next was our favorite, the Polenta, and a side of bread. The bread they serve is Blue Oven Bakery. If you have not tried their bread, you must, it is a Cincinnati favorite! If you are local, here is a schedule of where you can find them and buy their bread.

Next was the main course, which was again amazing. I got the ‘spaghetti alla vongole’ while CJ got the ‘brasato al barolo.’ Both of the dishes were delicious and we highly recommend them.


We were both extremely full, but how can you pass up dessert? In the past, we have gotten the donuts and the chocolate budino. This time we each got a scoop of their vanilla gelati. They surprised us by having a candle on each of our scoops to celebrate our anniversary.

I cannot recommend this place enough. For a celebration, girls night, or just another dinner date, they will make your experience exceptional! If you are going there for your first time I would suggest trying something from each of their selections to share with whoever you are with. Also, don’t forget to tell them it’s your first time! That is what my husband and I did and have found our favorites from that.

Cheers to Sotto!



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