Parker and Mommy Day in Cincinnati, OH

April 16, 2018

You are probably asking yourself, “Isn’t every day a Parker and Mommy day since you stay home?” Yes, that is true, but this one was special! This was the first time in 6 months Parker and I went out just the two of us and wasn’t meeting anyone. We have been to the grocery store, Target, and places like that, but this was different. This day we went to storytime, breakfast, and the zoo!

Of course, we had to match!! If you are wondering where we got the shirts, you can find them here. #teamfiona

Our first stop of the day was to Blue Manatee Literacy Project for storytime. We went for the first time the week before and just had to go back. On Thursday at 10:30, they offer “manaBabies” which is for babies under 1. We sing songs, read books, bounce up and down, and have so much fun!


After storytime, we headed right down the street to one of our favorites, Sleepy Bee Cafe. Their food is absolutely delish and a go-to brunch/breakfast option in Cincinnati! Storytime was fine to go to by myself, but going to a restaurant with just Parker and I was a little worried. Of course, when they brought the highchair, the straps were a way to tight for my little big man. I was nervous having to loosen them and hang on to a squirmy baby, but luckily I was finally able to do it. I got their ‘Beekeeper’ with sides of sweet potatoes and fruit. I kindly shared my sides with this little cutie who loved them!


Find Parker’s disposable placemat here. Thanks to our friend, Consistently Curious, for the recommendation!

Our next place was the biggest and the one I was most anxious about, The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. I have already been to the zoo twice this season, but always with other people. This was our biggest adventure just the two of us, and we had a BLAST! I have no idea why I was so worried! It was actually so nice to go by ourselves and not have to worry.


Parker still takes a bottle every 3 hours. Most times when we are out in public and it’s time he gets super distracted. Thank goodness for the zoo! They offer a ‘nursing nest’ which is located right between the giraffes and hippos. I am not a nursing mom (another story, for another day) but this room was perfect either way. When I first walked into the bathroom I should have gone straight into the room, but I saw the changing table in the regular part of the restroom first. ROOKIE MISTAKE. I learned that Parker is terrified of the hand dryers, and of course, it seems like every 30 seconds someone needed to dry their hands. The ‘nursing nest’ was AMAZING! It had a couch, two chairs, two nooks with shades for privacy, a sink, and a changing table. I will be back every single time we are there.

After that little adventure, we checked out Fiona the Hippo! Fiona is Cincinnati royalty who was born 6 weeks premature last year, only weighing 29 pounds. For her full story check out this Facebook page with her caregivers saving her life. Unfortunately for us, we have yet to see her swimming around. She is either sleeping or not outside when we go. One day we will see her and it will be the best!

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was ride the train. I thought it was the perfect day for Parker to have his first ride, even though the line was a little long. We only had to wait for two trains but it went pretty fast. I think he enjoyed himself, because not too long after the train ride he took a nice nap!


It was also the perfect time to go to the zoo since all the flowers were starting to bloom! It was beautiful!


You could say we had a fun day that wore both of us out! 😉

We had a great time and I am glad we did it! I am proud of myself for doing this all by myself. There were many times throughout the day I could have said ‘nevermind’ but I had my plan and I stuck to it. It makes me feel like a strong mama and person!! I would love to do this once a month, and try new things around Cincinnati!!




  • Mandy April 16, 2018 at 3:05 pm

    I struggle with the same thing – going to public places by myself with the little one! So cool that you and Parker had a whole day of funtivities together and that you had a great time doing it. You are a strong mama!!!

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