Life with a Five-Month Old

March 5, 2018

Happy Mama Monday!!

5 Months? How has it been 5 months since Parker entered our lives? I’m not sure how time is going so fast.

Month 4 was a fun one, with him learning all kinds of new things and a whole lot of drool.

We tried our first food besides a bottle! We had rice cereal and applesauce from a jar. We weren’t sure at first, but we turned out to really love it! He is now reaching for everything we are eating and staring very intently at it. He will be ready very soon to try more food.

We are working on sitting up by ourselves. We are still pretty wobbly and get distracted easily, but seem to love it so far.

Parker absolutely loves our dog, Winnie! He enjoys it when she licks his hands and even whines when Winnie is around and not giving him attention. I was worried about how she would react when we had kids. However, she has been so good and is not phased by him at all. I like to tell her to wait a couple of months and then he will be dropping food on the floor for her!

This month also brought new adventures with friends! We went to the Cincinnati Zoo for the first time and it was an absolute blast! My mom got us a membership pass for the year and I couldn’t wait. The weather was absolutely perfect and because it was a Monday during the day the Zoo wasn’t packed. We also took a walk with our friend on the Loveland Bike Trail.


The best part of a new month is taking these monthly pictures. As the months go by these pictures are getting more and more difficult to take. He makes you work for those smiles, but when he gives them to you they will absolutely melt your heart!





  • Stephanie March 22, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Love him!!! He is such a wonderful friend to Soph!

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